The Golf Course will be open from 29th March 8am For golf, and takeaway food. Tee Booking will be available online, until we open on the 29th. Members will be  able to book from15th March 2021 and general players from 22th March 2021.

We are welcoming new members to join April - Dec if you would like more information then contact the Club manager.

Course status and other information can be found at the bottom of this page.

31/12/20 We are in tier 4 now Please see below for our update  

As your aware we have moved to T4 Covid retrictions and we have been working on how this will work at the club

The course will remain open. 

Members only Saturday 8am -1pm   Sunday 8am -12 noon,

All other  tee times including midweek will be open to all including members, guests and visitors.

We will be only be allowing 1 ball and 2 balls on the course, this have been decided to help the flow of golf along with helping to police it. No joining up on the course into 3 or 4 balls.

Locker room and toilets will remain open but please do not gather in these areas.

All must book a tee time to be able to play, this can be done online or over the telephone, We are also working toward no cash, please try to pay by card. 

When booking a tee time you will be asked for the other players name at the point of booking. The gate to the car park will be staffed Monday - friday 

Tee times are  two balls at 5 minute intervals Please avoid slow play and repaair pitch marks on the green. 

This is a very difficult time for all of us and your help in ensuring that we stick to the safety guidelines of FACE - SPACE AND WASH HANDS  is very much appreciated.